I can introduce you to interesting people, Jewish kids, Holocaust survivors, Jewish school teachers etc.

Whatever your interest is, I probably know someone you will be delighted to talk to!

(the benefits of getting on in years, is that you know everybody…Or so it seems)

Are you an avid art collector and interested in someone’s studio? Want to see private collections? Would you like to meet teachers? Do you want to talk to a holocaust survivor? Visit somebody’s  home for a cup of coffee? Would you like to visit a local school or kindergarten? Whatever it is you would like to know, whoever it is you would like to meet, I can make it possible, especially if you let me know about your wish (preferably in advance)!


Talk about special interests! A client of mine wanted to meet someone who could teach her Hungarian embroidery. So we visited a local lady in the tiny village of  Hollókő, enjoyed her wonderful hospitality, had lunch in her house ,and  my guest was introduced to the embroideries too. We even got to try on some of the antique items. SA8FB9~1.JPG