A short drive from the city proper to the North via

Roman ruins of Aquincum,

and you are in the picturesque little town of Szentendre 

with art galleries, tiny museums, including that of famous twentieth c. sculptor and potter Margit Kovács, and the outstanding Museum of Miniature Wonders as well as the Serbian Orthodox church, or the smallest synagogue of the country( kép) ..

The place is a veritable „shoppers’ paradise” (kép). Its culinary delights make the mouths of all visitors water.Try the famous KORONA restaurant’s unsurpassable goulash, fish or bean soup,

and don’t leave without tasting „Grandma’s cottage cheese balls”(simply to die for…)képek

Drive on to the royal palace of



The seat of legendary Hungarian King Matthias, whose once splendid palace was built to appease his fair but strong -willed wife Beatrice .In the old fortress knight tournaments remind people of those long ago days…The local restaurant named appropriately „Renessaince”serves dishes named after kings and princesses, and the food is served in the way they would have arrived to the table of royals in those times…

Last not least, the northernmost point of this excursion is



Royal seat from the earliest times of the Hungarian history,

Visit the largest cathedral of Hungary    see the amassed treasures and relics of the Hungarian Roman Catolics in the treasury

and in the Christian Museum

See the beautiful building of the old Synagogue, now an office building, and get aquainted with the chilling history of the local Jewry, wiped out almost to a SA4179~1.JPGmember in the HolocaustSA51DC~1.JPGu                                                             stSA854F~1.JPG   (képek)

Drive across to the other side of the bridge to Slovakia, see how borders were changed and families as well as towns torn asunder!