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4 hours

Eat and drink your way through Budapest! Get to know us from a different angle… Try some of the famous Hungarian pastries, like the Dobos tort, the Esterházy cake, or the delicious hot doughnuts …You cannot possibly want to keep a diet in a place like this…

Budapest as one of the capitals of the Austro-Hungarian Empire has a rich café culture dating back to the 17 hundreds. In  the 19th century cafés served as „public parlors”They are still places of socializing .

Each of these cafés   has an atmosphere of it’s own. Their décor is outstanding, their ambiente unbeatable. We shall visit a few traditional places, learn about the art of their opulent  interiors, try their ware, and learn about the rich historical and artistic background they  represent.

Get to know the stories attached to some items and locations,( like the Rigó Jancsi cake, named after a  Gipsy violinist   famous for the most scandalous love affair of the time, between the musician, and a countess he eloped with…)

. Remember: Hungarian pastry is to die for…                                




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