Kate; you gave life to so many sights, sounds and places! You were indeed an inspiration for our thoughts and ideas. We will stay in close contact with you but for now, our busy lives demand their attention.

So we’ll talk soon.!

 On a variant note; I hope you are doing very well in the post Chanukah  season. I know it’s not a high holiday but still, an important  celebration of “togetherness” . I think I will remember the friendship and the laughter of the “kids” that night  and for a very long time. We must all think of this idea of laughter and togetherness as an important spiritual journey. …. It evokes for me this thought; we send our love to everyone there in Budapest.


We just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for making our trip to Budapest so very memorable!

Your knowledge, insights and hospitality were amazing and added so much to our visit.


After the ballet, we popped into Alexandra’s cafe for a coffee, a dessert and to see the “secret room”.  We weren’t really sure what to expect, but it was truly fantastic!  Thank you for telling us about that hidden gem of an experience!!!  We were so glad we didn’t miss it



Thanks for all your insights as well as your interesting and informative tours.  There was not enough time to see and experience very much of such a beautiful and historic City and I would like to return.
You certainly made me aware of the present day political as well as economic climate. I hope that life improves and all people feel respected and safe there.
I enjoyed meeting you and if you ever travel this way please contact me. You will have my email
Best Regards Maxine


> I have been on other tours and ocean cruises, but Kate was by far the most
> outstanding guide I have ever had. Everyone on the bus with us was
> similarly impressed. I feel that I got a lot more than a superficial
> glimpse of Budapest that is usually provided to tourists. She gave us
> considerable insight into the way of life in Hungary under the Romans, the
> Ottoman Empire, the Habsburgs, through the years of world wars, under the
> Soviets and as a member of the European Union. This was much more
> meaningful to me than pointing out the attractions of the city. I think
> anyone who is fortunate enough to be guided by Kate will come away with a
> very special appreciation of a beautiful city.



One tour guide in particular that was outstanding was in Budapest. Unfourtanlly I did not get her last name, her first name is Katie. You could not ask for better, she is an asset to your company because of her expertise and knowledge. We were most comfortable in her presentations and were able to understand fully what she was saying.. And we might add she kept us laughing with her jokes because sometimes the bus ride could sort of make you a little sleepy… This did not happen with Katie… You missed nothing!!.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davidhoff


I do have a large suitcase full of more, if you are interested… ( I DO LOVE TO BE PRAISED SO  MUCH!!!)