Now you decided to come, so here are some handy info, and  fun facts of Hungary, Hungarians, Budapest and Budapestians:

Hungary is the land of surprises. Read on, and be surprised:

  • Hungarians are great in sports…

They have won gold medals, in every summer Olympics, with the exception of Antwerp 1920, and LA 1984, when they did not participate.

  • Hungarians are very bright…

There was a Hungarian Nobel prize winner in every category, except peace. (With good reason. They have an indubitable fighting spirit. They are anything but peaceful)

  • Hungarians are very inventive…

They have come up with lots of inventions, that are  integral parts of our world today, like:

  • Coaches (named after he small Hungarian village, Kocs,     where they were first made around 1500.
  • Telepohne centrals. Hence the call starting with the word „Hallo” derived from Hungarian „Hallod?” meaning Do you hear ? in Hungarian.
  • Computers invented by John von Neumann Emigrant Hungarian Jew in the US.
  • Ball point pens also called Biros, after the Hungarian guy named Biro who invented them.
  • Rubik cubes, a world fad started with the inventions of Mr Erno Rubik Hungarian inventor.
  • Holograms were also invented by a Hungarian
  • The atomic bomb undersigned by Hungarian Jewish American physicist Edward (Ede) Teller.

Hungarians are very artistic…

Proven by music geniuses like Franz Liszt, Bela Bartok, Zoltan Kodaly, painters and photographers like Munkacsy,Vasarelly,and Robert Capa, actors actresses and film directors, who made Hollywood what it is today. Just a few of the many names,( mostly of Hungarian Jews by the way):Zsazsa Gabor, George Cukor, Bela Lugossy, Leslie Howard,Tony Curtis…

Hungarians love „Greatness”…

They have the largest Synagouge of Europe, the third largest Parliament building of the world,the largest Jewish community of the European capitals, the largest open air music festival of the continent, the Island Festival…

The country of Hungary also provides a lot of „largesse”

The largest fresh water lake of Europe, the Lake Balaton

The largest number of hot springs in Europe ( more than 1500)

The largest stalagtite and stalagmite cave system in Europe (part of it is actually in Slovakia)

The largest underground lake in Europe ( discovered under the Gellért Hill just recently)

Hungary had her hayday at the time of the so called Millennium celebration, commemorating themillennium, (the 1000th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest. 1896 gave new horizons to the city, with many important buildings built for the occasion, including the Parliament, the Exhibition Hall, The Museum of Ethnograpy, to mention only a few…

                                                                       HUNGARIAN  JEWISH TRIVIA

– Before the Holocaust, 25% of Budapest was Jewish

– In the 19th century, almost all the great architects in Hungary were Jewish, Most of the lovely turn of the century buildings of Budapest were designed by Jews

– Theodor Herzl, the  author of the pamphlet The Jewish State”, father of the State of Israel, starter of the Zionist movement was born in Budapest, in a small house which used to stand where the Grand Synagogue stands today.

– Hanna Szenes, Hungarian Jewish girl  wrote the poem  Eli Eli

-During the 40 years of Communism,  Budapest Rabbinical Seminar, was the only such establishment behind the Iron Curtain.

-Twentieth Century Fox was founded by Hungarian Jew Mr Fuchs

-The designer of the Sport Swimming Pool on Margaret Island, Mr. Alfred Hajós, Olimpic champion in swimming was also Jewish.

-Tony Curtis, Zsazsa Gabor,Bela Lugossy, Leslie Howard, Goldie Hawn,Harry Houdini, Johnny Weissmüller, and many other famous actors and actresses were or are of Hungarian Jewish extraction…According to an urban legend, Hollywood at one point had a great big sign: ” It’s not enough to be a Hungarian Jew!You must have some talent too !”

I have more to share, but let me see the color of your eyes first…