Here are a few things you may want to read or watch before you start…

THE MUSIC BOX:     A film  with Jessica Lang , about a war criminal’s afterlife as respectable citizen in the US

SUNSHINE:      A film nominated for an Oscar, the story of four generations of a Hungarian Jewish family from the

turn   of the century to the 1960 ies. Just great! The quintessential Jewish Hungarian experience. (Ralph

Fiennes )

THE TRAIN OF LIFE.  A Holocaust film with a twist. Funny and absurd…like life

KASZTNER’S TRAIN: Documentary book about one single guy and how one man can make a difference…

THE ECLIPSE OF THE CRESCENT MOON: A novel about Hungary’s turbulent past, and th ir fight   against                                                                                   the    Ottoman Turks.

THE SLAVE OF THE HUNS: Attila and a love story to move you to tears… You’ll love it!